Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where the fuck do I start?

Well as this is my first blog post ever I don't suppose I have a real style or voice. I have been wanting to write one for over a year now but unfortunately I enjoy naps, TV shows and hiding from my thoughts more. Many of you have asked me to share some of my story and while I have always been intrigued I suppose I always questioned why anyone in their right mind would be interested in reading a story like mine. It is then that I remember that most of you are NOT in your right minds, and I dig that.
I plan to use this blog as means of processing the demons inside my head while hopefully making you think about yours as well. Maybe together we can process all of our secret little skeletons and find that magical feeling of peace everyone talks about. Or maybe we can just get really high together and shoot the shit about life and its beautiful idiosyncrasies. Either way, feel free to join me on my journey through cancer, love, life, travel, drugs, music, and sex. I promise it won't be a total drag.

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